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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and provide a link to my blog. As you can see from other entries in this blog, I’m very interested in what’s happening in the world, especially in places where wars of greed are started by the rich western nations against developing countries (lately only developing Muslim countries). But I’m too busy with research, family, and organic veggie garden these days to update my blog on international news, tho that is one of my passions. I am also not playing guitar these days… not running either, and the weather is gorgeous here! I can’t wait until this paper I am writing is finished! Actually, I love this paper and will post it here when finished. But I am so squeezed for time these days, and now I am taking a new course (Yay! and ARRRGH! at the same time!).

The course looks fantastic, it’s so cool to see the small but important supports for the course like BBB, WhenIsGood (I live in Japan so it was so nice to just type in my local times of availability instead of having to convert them), I had not seen them before. It’s great to be checking out everyone’s blogs and I’ll be at the first BBB meeting tomorrow. Looking forward to a great course together! 🙂



Hi Everyone,

There was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake here in Japan just recently (11:32 p.m. local time, that’s 11:32 a.m. in Saint John and 12:32 p.m. in Toronto), epicenter at Sendai, almost exactly the same place as on March 11. For us, it felt as strong as the original one, our house shook and lights swayed but according to Japanese news there has been no damage reported yet anywhere and no reported deaths. The tsunamis have already hit and they were from 50 cm to 1 meter high. The Fukushima power plant’s stabilization efforts were suspended because of the quake but the power is still on there and as far as we know, no further damage has occurred there. No fatalities have yet been reported and there is no major damage in Tokyo at least. Some places have power outages but that seems to be the only major effect yet.

That was over 30 minutes ago now and the Japanese news is saying that this is not having the same kind of effect as the main one. Right now it looks like an aftershock with no damage.

I knew that many of you would be worried so I thought I’d better send this message out before going to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of university classes here. Poor students who have just left their families to move here and have an earthquake hit. But like I wrote before, no chance of a tsunami here and very little chance of earthquake damages here. Anyone who is still worried, please look at my blog, there is a map of the plates at the end of the post. We are on Hokkaido, the large island to the north-east, and you can see that we are only on one plate and therefore quite safe here.

Nevertheless, I was quite unnerved by this recent smaller earthquake because when you feel it, you don’t know how big it is. For me, it felt as big as the main one on March 11. So right now, I am feeling relieved to see that there has not been any major damage, at least, none has been reported. And they have just downgraded the magnitude of the earthquake from 7.4 to 7.1. And just now they have lifted the tsunami warning too.

I just wanted you to know that we are safe! Big hugs to you all and let’s hope this is the last big aftershock. I feel so badly for everyone still homeless and traumatized from the first quake, the last thing they need now is to feel another quake.

Take care, I’ll always keep in touch by e-mail and via my blog.